SpeeCo, Inc.

SpeeCo is a leading manufacturer of agricultural implements and tractor replacement parts. The company serves the large and growing market for hobby farmers and others that own acreage outside of urban areas. The company’s customer base includes farm and ranch stores as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers that supply this market. Rockmont partnered with another leading private equity firm and the senior management team to purchase a majority stake in the company from the retiring owner, and recruited a new CEO to the company to accelerate its growth. The company has grown substantially, and has achieved record revenue and profitability since the investment was made. After achieving significant growth in revenue, profitability and value, the management team expressed their desire to obtain liquidity, thus we worked with them to sell the business. In the transaction, the management team was able to generate significant personal net worth, as well as continue to participate in the ownership of the company going forward.

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