Preserving the Culture of Great Businesses

Philosophy & Approach

Rockmont consistently applies the following investment philosophy in order to maximize the long term success of our investments:

Invest in Partnership with Exceptional Management. We believe that the most important criteria for the success of any investment is exceptional management that has the operating expertise, strategic vision and personal drive to make the business a success.

Establish Substantial Equity Incentives for Management Partners. We ensure that our objectives are aligned with the management team. When management owns a significant equity position, they make decisions as owners instead of as employees.

Structure Prudent Transactions. Each transaction is given an appropriate capital structure to provide a strong foundation for the future growth of the business.

Provide Resources and Support to Management. In addition to providing capital, Rockmont supports management with strategic advice, business contacts and other resources that are necessary to assist in building equity value.

Our Approach

Rockmont invests in a wide range of industries and structures its investments creatively to meet the needs of the individual business, its current owners and the management team.

Following are examples of approaches that Rockmont has applied:

  • Acquire a majority or 100% equity stake from sellers exiting the business.
  • Provide growth capital to allow a management team to execute its strategy. We will┬áinvest in a minority ownership position to support management teams, unlike many private investment companies.
  • Building value┬árecapitalizations of companies to allow the principals to obtain liquidity and remain involved in the business.
  • Fund the formation of new companies in partnership with management teams that have specific industry expertise.
  • Sponsor management buyouts of existing companies.
  • Team with outstanding executives either to acquire or recapitalize an existing company or to search together for an attractive opportunity.
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